Great Dane Meetups, Groups, Clubs and Rescues

Great Dane Meetups, Groups, Clubs and Rescues

We have pulled a list of great dane meetups, groups and clubs, as well as great dane rescues they may be of interest to great dane owners. If you would like to suggest a group, rescue or meetup, please email us at

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Great Dane Clubs

Great Dane Clubs offers information on the great dane breeds from reputable breeders, show judges and experienced great dane owners. The Great Dane Clubs are also involved in competition events. If you are looking for an agility or conformation event, it is best to check these sites and a majority of them sponsor these events. You do not have to be apart of the great dane club to participate in the event.

These clubs do take accept new members but certain requirements must be met. These clubs are usually exclusively for great dane breeders. However other great dane owners can join as well. A code of ethics, health standards and breed standards must be met in order to join these great dane clubs.

Great Dane Meetups

Anyone can join the great dane meetups available all over the world. The best spot to find a great dane meetup is by visiting The great dane meetups are easy to join and are so much fun. Meetups offer a place where you can socialize your great dane and watch them play with other great danes. They also offer a chance make new friends, ask questions about your great dane, and receive some valuable information from other great dane owners. Meetups are very laid back. Although a majority of the meetups happen at a dog park; they often are versatile, meeting at a cafe, an outside restaurant, and even someone’s home.


The Austin Area Great Dane Meetup Group

DFW Great Dane / Giant Breed dog meet up

katydanes meetup group


Atlanta’s Great Danes


Colorado Big Dogs Park Play Dates and Events!


The Jacksonville Great Dane Meetup Group


The San Diego Great Dane Meetup Group

The Sacramento Great Dane Meetup Group

The Bay Area Great Dane Meetup Group


Kansas Big Dogs Park Play Dates and Events


The Twin Cities Great Dane Meetup Group


Great Dane Rescues

Looking for a great dane but want to adopt one from a shelter or rescue instead? Below are is a list of few great dane rescues available. These rescues believe and are dedicated to stopping the overpopulation, abuse and neglect of dogs. Sometimes potential great dane owners buy a great dane as a puppy and do not realize the massive size and expanse they carry later on. It is important to do your research if you think about owning a great dane.





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