Our Great Dane Dams!

To ensure maximum health, our great danes are fed on a raw food diet. We do not feed commercial dog food which can contain by products, corn or meal that can be damaging to a great dane’s future well being. Check out how we feed our great danes here. If you are wanting to feed your great dane a raw food diet, check out our how to blog here.

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**Meet Diamond is our Great Dane Dam**

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We hand picked our Mantle Great Dane Diamond from dozens of different breeders we visited. She is a great companion and an awesome cuddle bug.  Even though she is huge, she carefully watches her step even with our 6 month old.

Weight: 125lbs

DOB: 09/14/2009

Memberships: The Austin Area Great Dane Meetup, Purina’s Breeder Group

Professional Dog Training: Dog Boys Dog Ranch

Type of Professional Training: Obedience, Advanced Training

Registrations: FULL AKC & CKC Registration

AKC Great Dane Pedigree

"Diamond In the Ruff"




**Meet Molly  Our Great Dane Dam**

Molly (soon to be Phoenix Rain) is new to our dane pack! So far she has settled in, and made herself part of the great dane family. She has a nice and gentle temperament. Her markings as mantle are exceptional!

Weight: 130lbs

DOB: 06/20/2010

Memberships: Purina’s Breeder Group

Registrations: FULL AKC & ACA Registration

ACA- Certificate

Akc -- Molly