Great Dane Ear Cropping

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Great Dane Ear Cropping


Should you get your great dane ear’s cropped?

To crop a great dane’s ear is a personal decision. Having their natural ears or having cropped ears does not affect the great dane’s health in anyway. Owners of great danes typically cropped their great dane’s ears in order to show their puppy in the ring. Although it is not a requirement for you to crop your great dane’s ear, the judges prefer it.

What age should you crop your great dane’s ear?

The typical age to crop a great dane’s ear is between 7-10 weeks ideally. If your great dane is above 12 weeks, the cartilage starts to form thicker and the ear then can become too heavy to stand after cropping is done. If you are interested in ear cropping services with us, was can do it for you before the puppy leaves our home. The puppy will need to stay with us until the ear heals which is about 3-4 weeks. For pricing on this, please email us at

How much does it cost?

Great Dane ear cropping surgery usually cost between $350-500. Of course this varies depending on where you live. For pricing on this, please email us at

Great Dane Ear Cropping Styles

There are two different types of a cropping. Pet Cropped and Show Cropped.  Pet cropped just means the ear is cropped shorter for easier standing. Show cropped means the ears are cropped at a higher degree angle and require more time and care to ensure standing once the ears are healed.

Great Dane Ear Cropping Procedure

The basic procedure is this:

  • your great dane is taken to the vet and sedated
  • the vet cuts the great dane’s ear and the ear is then stitched
  • the vet then tapes the ear with medical dressing and it is held in place with glue and foam
  • 8-10 days later the stitches are either dissovled or the vet take out the stitches.
  • The vet will then tape the tampon/post method, or dog ear taping with pipe foam
  • The great dane puppy’s ear will need to be taped for about 6 weeks. Please visit this wonderful website on the different ways to either tampon/post method, or dog ear taping with pipe foam

Here is an actual video of the cropping procedure being done:

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