Great Dane Growth Chart | Great Dane Weight Chart

Great Dane Growth Chart


Male and female great dane weight charts differ in the aspect in size. Male great danes tend to be on the larger size weighing between 150-200 lbs and female great danes tend to be on the smaller size weighing between 100-130lbs.

The great dane growth chart below is based on average numbers only. Of course all great danes are different so please use this as a guideline only.

The great dane puppy you have may look small, but please realize that this tiny puppy will quadruple their size in the first 6 months. So if you have a great dane puppy weighing 15lbs at 8 weeks, expect that puppy to weigh close to   60 lbs at 6 months!

Proper dog food is key to raising a great dane puppy! Over feeding your great dane to make him bigger will not work. The size of the great dane as an adult depends on his genetics.

Great dane will mature up until age 2 and sometimes can continue to grow til 3 years of age.

How Big Will My Great Dane Get?

Birth weight: 1-2 lbs
Week 1: 2-3 lbs
Week 2: 3-5 lbs
Week 3: 4-7 lbs
Week 4: 5-8 lbs
Week 6: 12-20 lbs
Month 2: 18-27 lbs (13-17″)
Month 3: 30-45 lbs (17″-22″)
Month 4: 50-65 lbs (21″-25″)
Month 5: 65-85 lbs (25″-30″)
Month 6: 70-100 lbs (27-32″)
Month 7: 75-110 lbs (27-33″)
Month 8: 80-115 lbs. (27-34″)
Month 9: 85-120 lbs. (28-34″)
One year: 90-135 lbs (28-36″)

Full grown: 100-190 lbs (28″-38″)

For males, 140-170 lbs. & 33-36″is typical
For females 110-140 & 30-33″ is typical.



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