Great Dane Life Expectancy

How long do Great Danes Live?


Simply put, great dane have a very short life expectancy. They live for only 7-10 years depending on the quailty of care, genetics, and food. The great dane life span is short due to its large size. The greater the size in dogs, the shorter the life span.

There are many ways that you can help improve the life of your great dane. The simplest way is to change their food to a raw food diet. You will need to do your research though in order to ensure your great dane has all the required nutrients possible.

Another way to ensure  a longer life span for your great dane is exercise. You do not want your great dane to gain excessive weight as this can cause major problems later on. Although great danes do not require tons of energy expenseto get a proper exercise, a walk around your neighbor 2 times a day, plus regular trips to the park would be suffice to keep your dane happy.

If you are buying a great dane, always research the breeders and the dog’s pedigree before you buy. If your great dane comes from a great stock, then this will further ensure the longer life span of your dog. A rescued dane is a little difficult to track pedigree information on as they usually come from unwanted or unregistered litters with an unknown pass. If this is the case, it is best to be proactive with good food picks and exercise.

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