Great Dane Prices and Information

How much does a great dane cost?

Our great dane prices depends on an array of different things. Color standard, litter size and show quality of dog. All pricing is subject to change depending on litter size and demand. All pricing is subject to change. 

All puppies are sold with AKC Registration 

  • Harlequins 
      • $2000 Show Marked 
      • $1500 Pet Colored (Mismarked Harlequins)
  • Mantles
      • $1000 Show Marked
      • $875 Pet Colored (Mismarked Mantles)
  • Merles
      • $900-1200 (Available for AKC Limited Registration Only)
  • Blacks
      • $1500 Show Marked (All Black, No White at all)
      • $875 Pet Colored (Mismarked Blacks with some white markings)
  • Piebald
      • $875 (Available for AKC Limited Registration Only)
  • Whites 
        • $1000-1200 Pet Colored
        • (Competency puppy application required if puppy is either deaf or blind and is adopted out with an 70% discount on limited AKC spay and neuter contract. This puppy will be spayed or neutered before leaving the premise.)
For more information on color standards by AKC visit our Great Dane Colors Blog.
All of our puppies are vet checked before leaving to the their new homes. They will have their dew claws removed, be dewormed every two weeks starting at 2 weeks of age. Our great dane puppies will also be up to date on all their vaccines. We do microchip our great dane puppies as well. 

AKC Paperwork Limited Rights

Great dane puppies are sold on limited AKC pet registration only with a spay and neuter contract. You are required to Spay or Neuter the puppy by 6 months of age. You may still enter your great dane in agility shows but he will have no breeding rights. All white great dane puppies that are either deaf or blind will be adopted out with limited registration and spayed or neutered before leaving the premise.

AKC Paperwork Full Rights

All puppies come with an AKC registration. Full rights including show and breeding rights are available to select homes only for $500.00 more. The following puppies will not be consider for full breeding rights: Merles, Whites (that are deaf or Blind) or piebald great dane puppies.


Co-ownership will be given to show quality Harlequins and Mantles. This is given to only a few individuals who will show the great danes in the big arena. This option is only available to those living in Texas. As a co-owner, you will be required to do the following:

  • Get the puppy’s ear cropped before 12 of age
  • Feed the Great Dane a Raw Food Diet or Top Quality Commercial dog food
  • Stay up to date on the puppy’s Vaccinations and Wormings
  • Show the puppy in at least 3 shows per year for 2 years.
  • Allow Legacy Kennels to have full access and information vet records and examinations direct with your vet.
  • When the dogs becomes ready to breed, (Females after 3 cycles or males after 12 months) you are required to give Legacy Kennels pick of the litter on 3 great dane puppies produced by the Great Dane. After which, the AKC registration will be handled over to the owner and Co-ownership requirements will be completed.

This option requires an co-ownership application to be filled out, references to be checked and a possible home visit. With co-ownership, the puppy is free.

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