Great Dane Puppies For Sale / Adoption


We ensure that our pups are not only from parents with a good lineage and temperament, but also that our puppies receive the best love and care while living under our roof.  This includes a comfortable and clean living space (no dirty puppy mill kennels here!).  Depending on the length of their stay with us, your new puppy will also be exposed to basic doggy training for commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “down”, and “paw” as well as potty training.  Of course, we also ensure that your furry future friend is up to date on shots and dewormings.

To ensure maximum health, our great danes are fed on a raw food diet. We do not feed commercial dog food which can contain by products, corn or meal that can be damaging to a great dane’s future well being. Check out how we feed our great danes here. If you are wanting to feed your great dane a raw food diet, check out our how to blog here.

Our Great Dane Puppies are one of a kind. All puppies are sold with LIMITED registration to pet only homes with a spay and neuter contract through AKC. The option to buy FULL AKC registration is available for potential show or breeding.

What does the Puppy Come with?

  • All puppies are vet checked and up to date on shots
  • Full Health Guarantee Contract
  • AKC Registration Papers Limited (Full Breeding rights available for $500)
  • Veterinarian Signed Health Certified Certificate (Required for Shipping)
  • They will be up to date on all their dewormings
  • Receipt of Purchase
  • Free Kennel Crate (For animals being shipped only)
  • Starter Puppy Kit with starter food
  • All puppies will have their dew claws removed
  • Microchipped
  • Mother and father’s 3-generation pedigree
  • A family photo with all brothers and sisters
  • Ear cropping available at additional cost (Range $450-$550) 


Can I pick up the puppy?

YES! You can drop by and pick up your puppy once he or she is done with the initial few weeks of growth.  Puppies need the first few weeks to get valuable antibodies from their mother so that they can safely develop into a healthy young pup. We allow puppy pick up at 7-8 weeks of age.

What If I don’t live in Texas?

We offer dog air shipping to all 48 states. Shipping is both safe and very easy to do. We will send you a confirmation email from AAcargo confirming itinerary once your puppy has been booked. For more information shipping one of our great dane puppies, please visit our dog air shipping instructions. Puppies can be shipped by air at 8 weeks of age. Ground shipping is also available at additional cost!

How much does the great dane cost?

Great dane pricing will depend upon the color standard of the puppies that are born. See are pricing guideline page.

How do I hold a puppy? How much is the deposit and what forms of payment do you accept?

To place a hold on one of our great dane puppies, a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 will need to be placed. You will then be required to sign a sales contract. This can be mailed or scanned through email back to us. Full payment of the puppy will need to be done by 6 weeks if we are air shipping the puppy and 7-8 weeks if you are picking up the puppy. You can always pay when you pick up your puppy but this must be done by 8 weeks. Please click here to view our sales/deposit contract.

For deposits only:

We accept Paypal (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express is accepted on here)

Personal Check (with ID)

Certified USPS Money Order

Bank Cashiers Check from Wellsfargo, Chase or Bank of American only

Cash (for pickup only)

For Final Payments:

Certified USPS Money Order

Bank Cashiers Check from Wellsfargo, Chase or Bank of American only

Cash (for pickup only)

How do I place a deposit?

If you are interested in placing a deposit, please fill out the deposit form here. If you have any questions regarding the deposit, for the fastest response, please email In the case you do not receive an email back within 12-24 hours please call us at 210-560-Dane.




The Spartan Litter (Diamond X Ace)


Spartacus – SOLD TO RAY  

Show Marked Harlequin

Gannicus – SOLD TO BRIAN S. & Family


Barca – SOLD to Todd and Britni 






Naevia – SOLD to John and Ray


Seppia – SOLD TO NORA D.

Sura – SOLD to John and Ray

Merle – AKC Limited Only


Domina – SOLD to Crystal and family


Lucretia –  SOLD TO EMILY W.