Mantle Great Danes

What is a Mantle Great Dane?

Mantle Great Dane describes the color of the dog. Great Danes come in 6 recognized colors by AKC which are Harlequin, Fawn, Black, Blue, Brindle and Mantle.

What does a Mantle Great Dane Look Like?

The Mantle Great Dane according to AKC’s Standards, the color of the great dane’s back must be solid black blanket extending over the body. Small white marking on the back is acceptable though frowned upon. The great dane must have a black skull and white muzzle. There can be a white stripe between the eyes as well. The whole collar or neck of the great dane must be full white with no breaks of any other color. The great dane must have a soild white chest and white on part of whole of his forelegs and hind legs. A white tipped black tail must also be present.

How are Mantle Great Danes Made?

Mantle great danes come from harlequin breeding. They come in two genotypes: irish homozygotes or piebald heterozygotes. The  irish homozygotes is the true color of the mantle. The piebald heterozygotes genotype is made from breeding produced to make mantle. Piebald great danes are marked facially like a mantle great dane but his body is mostly white with the possibility of large black circular markings near his tail.

Mantle Colored Great Dane Facts:

  • They must have be Black or white in color.
  • They were are also called Boston Great Danes

Where can I buy mantle great dane puppies?

We specialize breeding mantle great dane puppies. If you are interested in purchasing one of our great dane puppies please place your name on our waiting list.

Mantle Great Dane Pictures

Below are some examples of a nicely marked and a mismarked mantle great dane puppy.

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