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Blue Merle Great Danes

The blue merle great dane puppy is a companion or pet colored great dane produced by the breeding of a harlequin great dane with either a mantle, another harlequin or merle great dane.

 AKC Standard

The merle colored great dane is not recognized by the American Kennel Society.  According to Great Dane Club of America’s breeder’s code of ethics, breeding merles is  an unethical practice.

Great Dane Merle Breeders

Harlequin great dane have the genetic merle code and therefore merle great dane puppies are typically always produced in each Harlequin great dane litter even when following ethical harlequin breeding practices.. Responsible great dane breeders will not purposely breed a merle great dane. Breeding of this color could lead to problems. The merle gene suppresses pigment production of the melanocyte .  Two major duties of the melanocyte is hearing and site. The Merle great dane will carry this “merle gene” as a recessive trait. The trait only becomes dominate with the breeding of merles x merles or merles x harlequins. This could lead to eye abnormalities such as blindness or congenital cataracts.

Merle great dane puppies for sale

From our Harlequin X Mantle breeding, we often have merle great dane puppies for sale. Our merle great danes are only available for limited AKC registration with spay and neuter contract.

Great Dane Merle Pictures

View some awesome merle great dane pictures below!

Blue merle Great Dane at Larz Anderson © by *jude*

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