Pregnant Great Dane | Progress of Diamond

See our great dane’s progress as she goes through her pregancy!!

Diamond is due to give birth Dec. 27th!

Get on the waiting list now! The puppies will go fast!

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Pregnant Great Dane Timeline

December 20th 2011

Temperature: 100.7

Diamond is getting big. She is now 8 weeks or 56 days pregnant. 7 more days until due date! Her teats have started to milk which is the newest best thing to happen!

December 19th 2011

Temperature 101.1

December 18th 2011

Temperature 105.4

December 17th 2011

Diamond has had her xrays done.The doctor can see 11 puppies and possibly one more by her ribs! She has a full litter!

Way to go mama!

December 13th 2011

Our great dane is now 7 weeks pregnant! 14 day count down begins!!! Some new signs are: larger milk filled teats, eats more, and lazier lol.

December 09th 2011

Our great dane is due to go in for her Xrays next Saturday!  Hopefully she will be having a full litter. Humm… I wonder how many puppies she will have…


December 06th 2011

Our great dane is 6 weeks pregnant!

No more noticeable signs except that her waist has gotten much bigger.



November 29th 2011

Our great dane is 5 weeks pregnant!

A new thing we noticed this week is her nipples have tremendously gotten bigger. Her rib cage has expended outward and her waist has become swollen.

November 22th 2011

Our great dane is 4 weeks pregnant!

The new thing that we noticed today was Diamond had some clear discharge very small in size, coming from her vagina. This is the first sign of pregnancy which is great.

November 13th 2011

Our great dane is 3 weeks pregnant!

There are are no new real changes in diamond other then her nipples look a little bit bigger and she getting a slight utter look. But this if very slight. She does pee a bit more and again more food aggressive. Also our great dane is a lot more lovable then usual.

3 week pregnant great dane

3 weeks pregnant great dane

3 week pregnant great dane


21 days pregnant great dane


November 6th 2011

Our Great Dane, Diamond In the Ruf
Some of our great dane pregnancy symptoms include:f, is 2 weeks pregnant.

Diamond doesn’t have much but she is eating more, and is definitely fuller around the ribs. Her nipples have not gotten larger yet.



two week pregnant great dane


2 weeks old pregnant great dane


Great Dane pregnant 2 weeks


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