“Hi Desiree..Just wanted to send the clean bill of health document from our vet. Sadie (Domina) is doing really well and is such a sweet dog. We are so happy to have her as part of our family” Domina has went to her her forever loving home with Crystal and her family!

Sura and Naevia are happy in their new home in San Marcos with both daddies, Ray and Juan! They are Juan’s wedding present from his soon to be hubby! Congrats you guys!


From Britni “Hi! Just wanted to let you know Barca/Madoc is doing great.”  Barca is happy with his new parents in Dallas, TX!


The best was saved for last, Vulcan was adopted by a wonderful couple in Austin, TX. They are very excited to start a new life with him.


Vision was picked up at the airport by her new family in Cold Wisconsin. Hope you enjoy the snow! The Seymour family will keep you warm!


Taylor and Danny  and the whole family were so excited to finally pick up Steel! He will be enjoying his new family and his new life in San Antonio, TX.


The Montgomery Family are enjoying Magneto, our perfectly marked mantle male great dane puppy.  Magneto will surely be happy in his new home with his new family.

Alexander the Great is enjoying his new home with Gwen and her son in Pflugerville, TX


King Henry is enjoying his new mom Jordan and new home! Congrats Jordan your little great dane baby!

Conan is having a good time with his the Perera Family in Houston, TX. He is sure to be a BIG and loving addition to the new family!

Rachael is sure happy with her new great dane puppy Jane Boleyn. Jane is sure to have a warm and loving home with this welcoming family.

Cleopatra is happily in the arms of her new owner and companion, Mike. He and his roommates are extremely excited to train Cleopatra in hopes of entering her in agility shows! Can’t wait to see if she wins any metals!

Queen Elizabeth is surely to be treated like the queen she is in the arms of her new companion, Kimberly. Queen Elizabeth is SUCH A LUCK PUP!

It was love at first sight when Dakota finally picked up her great dane puppy Jane Seymour. Live together for the two will be magical!

Rene and her boyfriend are thrilled to bring home Conan the Barbarian! This little puppy is bound to make a BIG impression in their lives!

“Hey grandma and grandpa!! Just wanted to say hi and I’m doing well. Tell pops I said hi too. I’m 19lbs now and bark when I don’t get my way.” – From Chuck